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    Haere mai and welcome to the online learning resource developed by Careerforce for this unit standard (US). US 16850 Work with a young person as a youth worker in the youth development sector (version 5) is part of the National Certificate in Youth Work (Youth Leadership) (Level 3). The course page is open and available for all youth workers and youth organisations to access and use. You will need to be enrolled with Careerforce as a trainee to complete the assessment and gain credit for this unit standard.

    Begin by looking around the course page to become familiar with its layout and see what resources are available. Work through each topic with your employer, follow the links and complete the learning activities. They are designed to support your learning and prepare you for the assessment tasks.

    • About this unit

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      Throughout this unit, you'll get to know two people who work together.

      Codie is a youth leader and Anthony is one of the young people he works with.

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    • Building relationships

      A positive relationship involves getting to know someone well and is the basis for effective youth work. Relationships take time and effort to build. They doesn't just happen on their own.

      In this section, you'll look at what it means to establish and develop a relationship with a young person you are working with.

    • Profile of a young person

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      In this section, you'll get to know a young person, Anthony, and build up a profile of him. You'll also develop a relationship with a young person you're working with and work together to create a profile of them.

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    • Connections

      There are many different ways we are connected to others. Connections are an important part of our lives and the lives of the young people we work with.

      In this section, you'll continue to develop a profile of one young person. You'll work together to identify and strengthen some of their connections, with help from your employer.

    • Assessment

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      Congratulations on completing the learning for this unit standard! Check your understanding of the content by responding to the following statements.

      I can:

      • develop a relationship with a young person that is built on unconditional positive regard, is respectful, shows belief in the young person and has a good rapport.

      • explain the roles, boundaries and legal responsibilities that apply to me as a youth worker.

      • develop a profile of one young person in conjunction with them that identifies their strengths, sense of identity, social bonds and needs.

      • help a young person identify their connections.

      • support a young person to strengthen one of their connections.

      If you have responded yes to all of these statements, you are now ready to complete the assessment for US 16850 Work with young people in youth work.

      You can download the assessment from the Careerforce shop http://shop.careerforce.org.nz/