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    This is the home page for the National Certificate in Youth Work (Youth Leadership) (Level 3) qualification. It provides information about how you can achieve this qualification as well as advice and support for employers and trainees.

    These online learning resources have been developed by Careerforce. They are open and available for all youth workers and youth organisations to access and use. There is an online course page for each of the unit standards in this qualification. 

    It is intended that these online course pages are living resources, that is, they will develop and grow with input from the community. Please contact your Careerforce Workplace Advisor if you have any questions or feedback about the content on these course pages or would like to share your own ideas and examples of learning resources with the youth work community.

  • Online course pages

    There is an online course page for the whole qualification and one for each the unit standards in it. There is an integrated course page for US 16861 and US 16857, which supports you as you work on a youth project in your local community.

    Click on courses in the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen to navigate to the course page for the unit standard you are working on.

    This section shows how you can use these course pages to support you in your learning.

  • Information and support for employers

    In these resources, the term employer refers to one or more representatives of the organisation employing the youth worker. They may be a manager, an experienced or senior staff member, or someone who is responsible for staff training and development.

  • Information and support for trainees

  • Assessment

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