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    Haere mai and welcome to the online learning resource developed by Careerforce for this topic. US 28522 Describe selected aspects of human development theory in a health and wellbeing setting (version 1) is part of the Certificate in Youth Work (Level 3). The course page is open and available for all youth leaders and youth organisations to access and use. You will need to be enrolled with Careerforce as a trainee to complete the assessment and gain credit for this unit standard.

    Begin by looking around the course page to become familiar with its layout and see what resources are available. Work through each section with your employer, follow the links and complete the learning activities. They are designed to support your learning and prepare you for the assessment tasks.

  • About this topic

    Human beings grow, change and develop throughout their lifespan. Youth work generally focuses on adolescence, the period of time between from the start of puberty to adulthood.

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    Throughout this topic, you'll get to know two youth leaders, Codie and Millie. They'll share examples of how understanding human development theory relates to their youth work practice.

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    You'll develop a visual display, presentation or portfolio to present your learning for this topic. Follow the guidance in each learning activity so you know what to include in your presentation.

    You can choose to use your visual display, presentation or portfolio as evidence for your US 28522 assessment.

  • Human development through the lifespan

    A human development theory is a framework used to describe and explain the changes a person goes through as they age. These theories can help youth workers understand the needs and challenges young people have.

  • Māori concepts of human development

    There is no single Māori theory or understanding of human development. Different iwi have understood concepts of development, roles and responsibilities in different ways over time. We'll explore some of these theories and concepts in this section.

  • Effects of abuse, neglect and violence on human development

    Abuse, neglect and violence can affect someone across their whole life span. Not only can abuse and neglect affect a child's emotional and mental state, it can also cause issues in their brain's growth and development.

  • Assessment

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    Congratulations on completing the learning for this topic! Check your understanding of the content by responding to the following statements.

    I can:

    • describe what human development theory is and how it relates to youth work.

    • outline two tauiwi or Pacific nations theories of human development.

    • describe key Māori models of human development.

    • describe iwi, hapū and whānau systems.

    • describe the effects of abuse, neglect and violence on human development.

    • describe the effects of trauma in the first year of life.

    If you have responded yes to all of these statements, you are now ready to complete the assessment for US 28522 Describe selected aspects of human development theory in a health and wellbeing setting.

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