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    US24895 v1: Demonstrate knowledge of visual system and vision impairment

    Welcome to learning about the visual system and vision impairmentThis is one in a series of online courses especially developed for technicians in Vision and Hearing Screening.

    The learning material on this ilearn site covers the unit standard 24895 for version 2 of:

    Describe the visual system and vision impairment  5 credits

    Make sure you do the correct assessment for the version of the unit standard you are enrolled in.

    Look before you leap!

    Take the time to go through the following sections before starting on the activities. Read the sections and make notes as you go.

    • Getting started

      Getting startedHow do I use this content?

      • Make notes to identify the important ideas.

      • Take your own notes.

      • Complete activities as you go through the content and make a note of your answers.

      What will I learn about?

      When you have finished this course you will have learned more about:

      • Understanding vision and how we see.

      • The structures and functions of the eye.

      • Refraction errors.

      • Human development and the visual system.

    • Completing US 24895

      You must be enrolled with Careerforce as a trainee  to complete the assessment for this unit standard and gain credit for it.

      If you are enrolled in the New Zealand Certificate in Vision and Hearing Screening (Level 3) then you need to do the Trainee Assessment for version 2 of the unit standard.

      • US 24895 Describe the visual system and vision impairment 

      Refer to the vision and hearing screening page of the Careerforce website for more information about enrolling in the New Zealand certificate qualification.

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