An employer-led model

This youth work qualification has been developed using an employer-led model for learning and teaching. The content is a mixture of theory and practical learning within the context of the youth leadership work your trainee does at your organisation.

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Throughout all the learning resources, trainees are encouraged to talk to you as their employer to make active links between the theory they are learning and the way ideas are applied in practice within your organisation. This is known as a transfer of learning approach. It supports trainees to apply what they have learnt to their own youth work as well as prepare them for assessment.

It is not intended that trainees are left to work independently through the content for each unit standard.

Talk to your Careerforce Workplace Advisor for more information about employer-led training.


Careerforce welcomes feedback about these learning resources. We would like to hear any feedback, questions or comments you have about the content and resources in this programme.

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Also, if you have examples of learning resources or activities that you use and are happy to share on this site, please get in touch with your Careerforce Workplace Advisor.

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