Learning activity: Planning for your project

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Talk to your project coordinator about the characteristics of the young people that are expected to participate in the project.

  • What are these characteristics?

  • How do you know what the characteristics are?

  • How has identifying and understanding these characteristics helped with the planning process?

  • What has been planned to ensure the needs and characteristics identified are addressed during the course of the project?

Record your responses in any way that is helpful for you to refer to later.

Choose at least two of the following criteria:

For each of the criteria you choose, explain how they are addressed in the project plan and what your role is in implementing them.

Record your responses in any way you choose and add them to your portfolio.

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Remember that you are not responsible for planning this project yourself. However, it's really important that you understand each part of the planning process so you can assist your project coordinator where required.

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