You'll notice some icons in these online resources. They refer to different types of content or activities.

learning activity icon

The light bulb represents a practical learning activity. It will help you apply your learning to your own youth work practice.

discussion icon

Speech marks mean that you'll discuss your ideas with someone else. It could be with your employer, another youth worker, a group of colleagues or the young people you are working with.

reflection icon

The question mark means that you'll think about and reflect on what you have learnt or what you already know about a topic.

reference icon

The arrow highlights a helpful reference or resource. It could be a book, a website or another resource that you may find useful.

case study icon

This icon indicates a case study that gives practical examples to illustrate what you are learning.

hints icon

This icon provides extra information, hints or tips about a topic.

literacy icon

These letters mean that the content or learning activity focuses on language, reading and writing.

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