Learning activity: Applying the principles of The Treaty in practice

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How would someone walking into your organisation see the principles in action in the work you do with young people? Talk to your employer about how your organisation ensures the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi are met. Refer to Te Tiriti in practice as a guide. 

  • How do the principles relate to youth work?
  • How do the principles support young people?
  • How do the principles relate to other important documents that guide youth work, for example, the Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa (YDSA)?

Think of a current workplace policy that relates to each principle and examples of how they are put into practice:

Millie shares an example of a policy her organisation has in place to address the principle of protection.

"My workplace has a best practice policy intended to strengthen the cultural competency of all staff in our organisation. The procedures we follow are about respecting and protecting Māori values and practices by making them part of our everyday activities. For example, all staff are required to participate in Noho Marae each year. We open and close each meeting with karakia. We follow kawa and tikanga when engaging with people in our local rohe, the young people we support and our colleagues. We use Māori salutations (greetings) to start and end emails and bless the kai we prepare for shared morning teas and lunches."

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Now think of a new policy that your workplace could introduce to address each principle. What would each policy look like in practice?

Millie shares an example of a new policy to address the principle of partnership.

"The organisation I work for plans to introduce a new process this year where we work in partnership with our local marae to hold an annual hui. The purpose of the hui is to develop local community activities and programmes for young people in our rohe. We will plan and discuss how the community can support youth development initiatives and activities and work together to incorporate these into our workplace's annual activities plan."

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Create a poster, chart or presentation showing how the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi apply to your organisation's policies and practices.

For each principle, include:

  • a current policy relating to the principle and an example of how it is put into practice.
  • a new policy your workplace could introduce for each principle and an example of what it might look like in practice.

Share your presentation with your colleagues and the young people you are working with to show what you do apply the principles of The Treaty of Waitangi in your youth work.

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